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“Get Your Racquet On” is coming to Collaroy Tennis Club!

Open Court Sessions are a new and great way to get out and meet new people, have a laugh, and play tennis at your skill level. It’s on every Wed night (from 8 PM) for 8 weeks, starting on 5th Feb 2020. Includes food and drink.

For more info and/or to book session(s), visit the Open Court Sessions / Collaroy Tennis Club page.

View Open Court Session photos and video at Collaroy Tennis Club.

Get Your Racquet On | Open Court Sessions video

2 Comments on “Get Your Racquet On @Collaroy”

  1. Hi,
    Could you please let me know what the suggested entry level of skill is for these open court sessions. Our son may be interested. Also, do you have any hitting squads or partners that he could practice with. Kind thanks, Kaarina

    1. Hi Kaarina,

      Has someone from the club responded to your message as yet?

      Collaroy Tennis Committee.

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