Not so Serious Tennis – Part 2

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Not so Serious Tennis - Part 2

Collaroy Tennis Club Wednesday night social play goes back some 25 years or so. Attendances average around 8 to 12 players; depending on injuries, babysitting duties, work commitments, on holidays, too hot, too cold, too windy are just a few of the many reasons for being absent.

Not large numbers attend, however a very committed group with very long friendships developed / forged and maintained.

To spice things up, a series of annual formal challenge matches commenced, which was originally called the “Reschs Cup” – this beer being a favourite consumption of the regular players. Our records go back to 2003.

To satisfy incoming social responsibility, the event name was changed to Collaroy Tennis Club Men’s Handicap Doubles Championship, independent of the CTC Club Championships. The Wednesday night championships were so popular and successful, Club Captains wanted the event to be absorbed into the main Club Champs, but the Wednesday night players maintained their independence and tight-knit comradeship. 

This prestigious event is very elusive to win. Only one team was successful in defending their title. Three players have been in 5 finals, with 2 players winning 3 times and the third player being unlucky in all 5 finals.

Winners are grinners, especially after some refreshments …

2015 Wed Men's Doubles finalists
2015 Winners: John & Martin, Runners-up: Ian & Peter
2016 Winners: Karol & Nelson, Runners-up: Konrad & Gordon, Co-organiser: Norman
2019 Wed Night Men's
2019 Winners: Paul & Ed, Runners-up: Karol & Martin, with other players

The difficulty of wining this Championship is no fluke. Winning twice is frowned upon. Handicapping methods are changed every couple of years to prevent such success and to confuse participants. Some handicap methods are so confusing’ even the co-organiser had trouble explaining the system to the other entrants.

2015 WMD Finals night
2015 Wed Night Men’s Doubles Final celebration

There are no losers at the Wednesday night tennis. See you there.

by Norman Hense, co-organiser with Ian Plambeck

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