Tennis Updates – COVID-19

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Tennis Updates - COVID-19

UPDATE! 27 Mar
Tennis Northern Beaches Competitions Postponed, from 30 March
TNB are sad to announce we have reluctantly postponed junior competitions effective immediately and open competitions as of the morning of the 30th March 2020. The coronavirus situation has been monitored closely and we have abided by the government and TNSW guidelines however we believe it is time to pause!

25 March 2020 | Tennis Australia & Tennis NSW

Tennis Operations Can Continue
Tennis Australia and Tennis NSW sought further clarity in relation to the PM’s announcement last night and as such we have received advice direct from the State Emergency Operation Centre (SEOC) who liaised with both Local Governments and the Office of Sport to conclude that tennis operations CAN CONTINUE under the current guidelines provided by Tennis Australia and Tennis NSW.

23 March 2020 | Tennis NSW

COVID-19 Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play (v3)

16 March 2020 | Tennis Northern Beaches

TNB will be lifting our suspension of play due to the recent correspondence from the CEO of TNSW, play is able to continue at the discretion of the local association/court operator therefore we will reinstate play. With this, we enforce that all players wishing to participate play at their own risk and follow the precautions…
ImportantTennis Northern Beaches announcement

14 March 2020 | Tennis Australia

Effective immediately Tennis Australia and its Member Associations are postponing all Tennis operated events, competitions and tournaments until further notice …” Read the TA Statement.

Unfortunately, this affects the Club’s participation in competitions such as Sydney Badge, etc.

14 March 2020 | Tennis NSW

In light of the recent communication that has gone out from Tennis NSW and Tennis Australia, please see a message from TNSW CEO, Lawrence Robertson to further explain the situation and reasons for the decisions made. The health and safety of everyone in our community is of upmost importance to us at this point in time.

To be absolutely clear, the reference to ‘Member Association’ in our communication relates to Tennis NSW and the 7 other State & Territory Governing Bodies and not to Tennis NSW affiliated clubs, associations or venue operators. We are encouraging that day to day tennis activity continues but that Clubs and venues take the precautionary measures advocated by the Health Authorities.

Thank you for your understanding as we seek to navigate our way through uncharted waters. If you have any further questions, then please contact

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