Social Surely Helps Tennis

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Social Surely Helps Tennis

I restarted playing Wednesday night tennis in 2006 and was encouraged by a great group of guys like Bob, Alan, Ian, Alistair, Karol and Martin who would always offer tips to assist me improve my game.


The current group of players including Martin, Norman, Paul, Conrad, Stu, Charlie and John continue to enjoy a social chin wag and an ale or two after tennis, discussing solutions to the world’s problems intermingled with a dry joke here and there.

We welcome all levels of players, nationalities and people who want to have some fun whilst having a chance to improve one’s tennis.

Being a Wednesday night social player also entitles me to play with other members on Thursday and Saturday afternoons. Great value and great fun for those people seeking to be active, be fit and to work on tennis skills.

At first, I was a little reluctant to play on Saturdays and it was also quite difficult to commit the time. However, I tried playing about two years ago and have since become one of the regular players who play at our Saturday afternoon social tennis. Mostly, I’m one of the first to turn up. I get to play with players of different tennis abilities – from medium standard to very experienced, with players that I’ve known for many years and with others that I’ve never met before. This makes me adjust my game to suit and at times I also learn a few new techniques.

I’m loving it!

By Ed Bellomo

One Comment on “Social Surely Helps Tennis”

  1. Ed who??
    Our Ed is not only well known and loved by the blokes, but also famous for never giving up as he chases down every single ball.
    But don’t play him when there are heavy trucks driving by!!
    You are a great friend and a joy to chat with, Ed.

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