Wed Night Champs 2020 – Week 2

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Wed Night Championships 2020 - Week 2

The second week of the Wednesday Night Doubles Championship saw a record-equalling 3 matches played in the one night.

Two pairs doubled up, with one pair (Scott & Peter) conceding only 3 games in winning both their sets, including a whitewash. Their opponents in this set were not required to remove any clothes due to the cold weather and to the fact their opponents are compassionate guys.

WMD 2020 - Scott
Scott’s forehand watched by his partner, Peter
WMD 2020 - Peter
One of Peter’s unreturnable serves

Their 2nd match was what may be a preclude to the final, predicted even at this very early stage of the tournament. It was extremely exciting and close with the cool pair of Scott & Peter just pipping (7-5) fleet-footed Nico and a profusely sweating, sorry perspiring, “give-all” Ed.

Ed's forehand winner
Ed’s forehand winner with Nico ready for the next shot, just in case
WMD 2020 - Ed & Nico
“We just need to serve aces and hit winners!”

Conversely, the 2nd pair doubling up (Martin & Paul) did not warm up after their first set and will no doubt talk tactics before their next match.

WMD 2020 - Paul
Paul with a good backhand return
A good serve from Martin
A good serve from Martin

In the 3rd match Edgar & John were too strong for Martin & Paul, with then Edgar going straight into another CTC competition, singles match of 1-hour set duration this time, most number of games wins.

WMD 2020 - Edgar
Edgar with his smooth forehand
WMD 2020 - John
Another tricky left-handed shot by John

Next week, the full field are expected to be competing, barring injuries & other weak excuses; which will be another record, so the complex is expected to be at capacity. Looking forward to your attendance. Entertaining tennis is almost guaranteed.

By Norman Hense

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