Lightning Bolt Served

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Lightning bolt

The prestigious Wednesday Night Championship has slightly slowed down. Last week, lightning struck (no, not Norman’s booming serve) and rain came during hit up of the opening two matches. In true Collaroy tradition, players found sanctuary over a refreshment in the club house.

This week, several entrants pursued their other sporting skills by electing to play outdoors, in the snow. In the only match played, our president Martin and Paul came from 1-4 down to defeat Stu and Norman 7-4. The latter collapsing after Martin and Paul displayed tremendous courage and determination.

Paul - eyes on the ball
Paul was focused and had his “eyes on the ball”
Martin's backhand
Martin with his super-reliable backhand

Next week, the Wednesday Night Championships are expected to be in full swing again. There is no wait list for complimentary tickets, but booking are required due to COVID-19.

By Norman Hense

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