Beautiful Tennis Day @Collaroy

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Beautiful Tennis Day

It was a beautiful tennis day at Collaroy, today! It was sunny, not windy and the temperature was just about perfect (25 C) for playing.

3 Oct 2020 - 1

Being a long-weekend, it was a pleasant surprise to see many members join the Saturday social tennis.

3 Oct 2020 - 2
3 Oct 2020 - 3

With 36 players, we almost ran out of space on the social board – Thanks to Vito, Quinton and Gareth for organising the sets this afternoon! It would have been tough given that only 24 can play on 6 tennis courts, but everyone had enough tennis and fun along the way.

3 Oct 2020 - social board

It was also a good chance for the players to practice their shots and tactics, before the start of the Collaroy Tennis Club Championships next week (10 Oct).

3 Oct 2020 - 4
How to hit a two-handed backhand – eyes on the ball, early preparation, …

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