2020 TNB Interclub Championships

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2020 TNB Interclub

Thank you to the Tennis Northern Beaches for organising the TNB Interclub Championships, held on Sunday 28 February 2021. Big thanks to Bareena Park Tennis Club and to all the volunteers for hosting the event!

It was was a wonderful day and was enjoyed by the competitors and supporters from 9 Northern Beaches clubs. There were many exciting and tightly-fought matches. Congratulations to Mona Vale Tennis Club (Lachlan, Charleigh, Adrian & Lisa) for being the TNB Interclub Champions – well deserved for winning two events (Men’s Singles and Ladies Singles).

Well done to Collaroy Tennis Club for being the runner-up (won the Mixed Doubles and runner-up in the Ladies Singles), losing overall by one point. Congratulations to Elise and Scott for winning the Mixed Doubles for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020). Special mention to Amy who was the runner-up in the Ladies Singles and was the youngest competitor on the day, at 11 years old. Good efforts by Michal for placing 3rd in the tough Men’s Singles.

ClubTotal PointsPosition
Mona Vale211
Careel Bay143
Bareena Park58

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TNB Interclub Champion: Mona Vale Tennis Club

2020 TNB Interclub - 1TNB Interclub - 2TNB Interclub - 3
Adrian, Lisa, Lachlan, Charleigh

Runner-up: Collaroy Tennis Club

TNB Interclub - r/up4TNB Interclub - r/up2TNB Interclub - r/up5
TNB Interclub - r/up3TNB Interclub - r/up1TNB Interclub - r/up6
Amy, Elise, Scott, Michal

Ladies Singles

TNB Interclub - ladies1TNB Interclub - ladies5TNB Interclub - ladies3
TNB Interclub - ladies4TNB Interclub - ladies2TNB Interclub - ladies6
Amy, Charleigh

Men’s Singles

TNB Interclub - Men's1TNB Interclub - Men's2TNB Interclub - Men's3
Scott, Lachlan

Mixed Doubles

 TNB Interclub - Mixed1TNB Interclub - Mixed2TNB Interclub - Mixed3
TNB Interclub - Mixed4TNB Interclub - Mixed5TNB Interclub - Mixed6
Peter, Julie, Elise, Scott


TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 1TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 2 TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 3
TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 4TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 5TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 6
TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 7TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 8TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 9
TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 10TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 11TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 12
TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 13TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 14TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 15
TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 16TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 17TNB Interclub Competitor(s) 18
TNB Interclub Supporters 1TNB Interclub PresentationTNB Interclub Supporters2

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