Competition Tennis in Full Swing

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TNB comp in progress

It’s very good to see that competition tennis is in full swing. The Tennis Northern beaches competitions for 2021 started on the first week of February.

Many Collaroy Tennis Club members are currently playing in the various TNB comps (Mon Night Ladies, Wednesday Mid Week Ladies and Wednesday Night Men’s). There are 11 CTC teams competing in these comps. This is the most no. of teams for CTC in recent times. More than 1/3 of the players are new/ish members of the Club.

The Collaroy Tennis Club teams …

DivMon Night LadiesPlayers
1Collaroy 1Paula GR, Natalie N
2Collaroy 2Julie K, Lynne B
2Collaroy 3Eri F, Sarah D, Sue B
4Collaroy 4Caroline M, Janene C, Thalita R
4Collaroy 5Cathy H, Lee S, Sharon A

DivWed Mid Week LadiesPlayers
1Collaroy 1Deb J, Vera L
2Collaroy 2Frances O, Lynne B, Ros O

DivWed Night Men’sPlayers
1Collaroy 1Peter H, Roland L
3Collaroy 2Brendan J, Hunter E
4Collaroy 3Cameron M, James M
5Collaroy 4Andrew S, Peter M

The comps are currently at or just past the high-way point. Most CTC teams (7-8) have good chances of playing in the final rounds. It’s also pleasing that several newer members are playing very well and are at or near the top of their respective comp tables. For further details, visit the TNB comps website.

Enjoy the rest of the TNB competitions!

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