Sydney Badge competition in Full Swing

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Sydney Badge in Full Swing

I am happy with the way the comp is going so far. Despite having two very close losses in the first two weeks of the season, where the result came down to a few nerve-wracking games, the team and I have been lucky enough to have three weekends in a row with great weather and playing conditions. Furthermore, the losses have allowed us to learn from our mistakes, work out favourable doubles pairs and build on our team synergy.

Playing with the boys is always a pleasure, win or loss, as we love creating a competitive, fun atmosphere on the court with each other.

CTC Men's 1 - 1
Josh B, Charlie B, Oliver K, Andrew E

As for last Saturday’s game, it was nice getting a win on the board early in the season mainly since a few of the boys are warming up to doubles and are quite new to the Badge experience. The result was also made more rewarding by the fact that we got to pull it off at our home courts at Collaroy.

CTC Men's 1 - 2
CTC Men's 1 - 3
CTC Men's 1 - 4
CTC Men's 1 - 5

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By Andrew England, team captain

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