The Grudge Match

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The Grudge Match

I have been playing tennis with my mate David Le every Monday for almost three years at Collaroy Tennis Club. It is a weekly catch up where we have become good friends. David is a gentle soul and little seems to faze him on or off the court – that saying he is the most frustrating person to play against!

Every Monday as I ride my bike to the courts, I try to think of a game plan on what I can do to win a set. Only recently, I was able to do it and I walked away feeling ten feet tall and got to play back some of those victory moments in my head all week. Only to be defeated and crucified the following week(s).

Grudge -- Shane

The score card never reflects the intensity  of the match. It’s normally a ding dong match up every game that saps the upper limits of my energy. Nothing seems to rattle the guy, no amount of insults, intimidation at the net, lining him up at the net or big booming loose serves will waiver his concentration. I once played David and he didn’t even take his jacket off!

Grudge -- David

Dave just seems to hit everything back no matter how hard I hit the ball. The lack of frustration on the other side of the court winds me up and I can get the cranks. 

I have since learnt this is my biggest problem to overcome, usually the call from the other side is “take it easy”, with a nervous chuckle. 
It’s always good times – win or lose.

The sun’s out, dog walkers are in the park, golfers are playing, hang gliders sail around the cliffs, and I play a great game of tennis with my mate Dave, but jeez it would be nice to win a few!

By Shane Blix  

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