Wonderful Winter Day @Collaroy

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Winter Day @Collaroy

It was another wonderful winter day at Collaroy. The sun was out, with blue skies and there was no wind. It turned out to be a perfect afternoon to play tennis at Collaroy Tennis Club.

It’s very good to see that Club members are continuing to play singles and are following the rules. Today, more than 40 members played.

Winter singles 1
Winter singles 2
Winter singles 4
Winter singles 3
Winter singles 6
Winter singles 4
Winter singles 7

Club members will need to book well in advance if they wish to play during the “Club times”, as explained in the email “COVID lockdown conditions for court usage” on 19 July 2021. If you did not receive this mail and you would like more info, please contact the Club Secretary.

Collaroy Tennis Club members can also book a court to play singles with another member for 1hr via the online booking system. Another way is to request for a one-on-one coaching from Evolve. The coaching staff may also be able to assist you in getting your racquet restrung or order some tennis equipment/apparel. See Club member benefits.


  • The Public Health Orders must be adhered to.
  • Check-in is required, using the QR code.
  • Maximum of two (2) people on any court.
  • No person may attend the venue if they reside outside the Local Government Area.
  • No spectators allowed – play then leave immediately.
  • There will be no access to the clubhouse.

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Stay Safe. Stay Fit.