2021 Club Championships – ENTER NOW

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2021 Club Championships - entries closing soon

The Collaroy Tennis Club Championships is starting next month. Please send your entries now to the Club Captain, as entries will close soon – on 30 October. You’d want to be part of this Club’s highlight event for 2021:

  • Men (Singles and Doubles)
  • Ladies (Singles and Doubles)
  • Mixed (Doubles)
  • Juniors (Singles and Doubles) – to be announced

Kindly advise if you need a doubles partner, as there are likely to be other Club members looking for a partner.

Revisit the 2020 Collaroy Tennis Club Championships.

Open Men's Singles - Michal & Pavle
Michal Korecky (Runner-up) and Pavle Marinkov (Open Men’s Singles Champion)
Men's Doubles - Michal, Tim, Henry & Pavle
Michal Korecky – Tim Williams (Runners-up) and Henry Riccioni Brown – Pavle Marinkov (Open Men’s Doubles Champions)
Ladies' Doubles - Julie, Lynne, Elise & Sophie
Julie King – Lynne Bridges (Runners-up) and Elise Thompson – Sophie Cotton (Ladies Doubles Champions)
Mixed Doubles - Wil, Eri, Elise & Scott
Wil Jauco – Eri Fawcett (Runners-up) and Elise Thompson – Scott Fletcher (Mixed Doubles Champions)
Junior Boys' Singles - Maxim & Pavle
Maxim Jovic (Runner-up) and Pavle Popovic (Junior Boys Singles Champion)
Plate Men's Singles - Phil & James
Phil Cook (Runner-up) and James Muir (Plate Men’s Singles Winner)

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