2021 TNB Inter Club Challenge

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2021 Inter Club (mixed winners)

The weather held perfectly for the organisers of the Tennis Northern Beaches Interclub Challenge which was held at Careel Bay on Sunday 27th February 2022. A BBQ hosted by Careel Bay Tennis Club ensured the crowd who gathered were not only well-entertained, but well-fed throughout the course of the afternoon. Thank you to TNB, Careel Bay TC, all the players and volunteers!

The format allows for each club to enter a club member / team in the Ladies and Men’s singles as well as a Mixed doubles event. The format was a round robin with a super tiebreak (first to 10 points) played against each other Club. The two top-placed individuals or teams play a Final (standard set) in each category at the end of the day. The field was deep and strong with the following clubs represented: reigning champion Mona Vale along with host-club Careel Bay were joined by Allambie, Bareena, Bayview, Belrose, Collaroy and Forestville.

The Collaroy Tennis Club was proudly represented by Scott Fletcher and Elise Thompson (mixed doubles), Amy Gray (ladies singles) and Chris Gillis (men’s singles). Two out of three in our team made the Finals, with Scott and Elise victorious (for three years in a row!) and Chris being runner-up in the Men’s singles. Amy represented CTC admirably and at “12 years young” played against much older girls and more experienced ladies, but held her own and won plenty of matches. Well done to all – you have done our Club proud, yet again!

Overall, Collaroy was a runner-up to Mona Vale who defended their title and won both the Ladies and Men’s singles events – Congratulations Mona Vale! The margin (three points) was very tight once again, as we’re the runner-up in the past two years. A significant and notable achievement that we should be proud of.

ClubTotal PointsPosition
Mona Vale211
Bayview 133
Careel Bay77

NB. The scoring was calculated as follows: 1 point awarded for every match won, along with 1 bonus point for every event entered and an additional 1 bonus point for the winner of the final for each event.

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TNB Interclub Champion: Mona Vale Tennis Club

Mona Vale player2021 TNB Interclub Challenge winnersMona Vale player
Lisa, Adrian, Lachlan, Charleigh

Runner-up: Collaroy Tennis Club

Amy, Elise, Chris, Scott

Ladies Singles

Charleigh, Ava

Men’s Singles

Lachlan, Chris

Mixed Doubles

Matt, Simone, Elise, Scott


By Damian Gorman, Wil Jauco (photos)

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