Club Person of the Year 2021 – Wil Jauco

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2021 Club Person of the Year -- Wil Jauco

The Collaroy Tennis Club Person of the Year 2021 is Wil Jauco.

The Award is made to the club member who made the most outstanding contributions to the Club in 2021. Wil was a highly popular choice. Despite everchanging health orders, he kept us playing tennis in 2021; starting with singles then doubles and then splitting the afternoon into time zones so everyone kept playing safely. The logistics of the managing the Saturday’s texts, messages and emails were immense. While managing Saturday tennis, Wil had time to welcome and play with prospective members.

He invests in making Collaroy the warm, friendly, well-run, and special club it is. Wil burnt the midnight oil trying to manage a record number of entries and matches (over 120) for the Club Championships in November/December 2021. His brilliant organisation of the Club Championships was an incredible master feat. Wil works tirelessly to take thousands of photos and video(s) and weaves his magic on our website (posting over 300 items over the year). Wil’s social media helps us stay on the first page of Google search.

Last year, we pulled off the Most Outstanding Club Award, and it was Wil who was doing most of the pulling! This involved many hours of work collecting the information and then presenting it in a format that was very professional.

What came through in all his nominations was Wil’s values and efforts. He epitomizes what the Club stands for Fun, Friendliness, and Inclusiveness. I would like to personally thank Wil. Not only is he a great asset to the Club and members, but also to me. Helping, challenging, and coming up with innovative ways of improving the tennis experience for our members.

Let me finish up on one of the member’s quote about Wil “A delight online, offline, on or off the court, he is, without doubt, the hands down winner this year. From all the members Wil… Congratulations”

The Award Presentation (12 March 2022) …

2021 CPOY - 2
Vito, CTC President presented the 2021 Club Person of the Year Award
2021 CPOY - 3
2021 CPOY - 1
Thanks Mark and Anna for taking some photos.
Thanks Bill, Lynne, Kate and other members for organising/preparing the food!
2021 CPOY - 4
Many CTC members played social tennis and attended the Presentation
2021 CPOY - 5

By Vito Cincinnato
Collaroy Tennis Club President

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