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Solar Power @Collaroy

The Solar Power system at Collaroy Tennis Club was officially switched on last Saturday, 7 May 2022. It was a beautiful day for the members to play social tennis, join the special guests for the official presentation and enjoy the BBQ later in the afternoon.

Solar Power on @Collaroy 1
Vito Cincinnato and Brendan Pomponio
(Photo by Dale Cohen, Northern Beaches Advocate)

From the Collaroy TC President …

“Welcome everyone and to our special sponsor Brendan Pomponio, Brendan is the Principal of Belle Property.

In our 100th anniversary year, we have won the Most Outstanding Club of the Year Award and installed LED lights and new poles. The Club has just reached 200 members, an 81% increase in 2 years. We are very proud to announce the “official switching on” of the Solar Panels and Battery facility. We are the first club in NSW to have Solar (with batteries) and we are now totally green. 

This project was only made possible by the vision and the philanthropic donation by Brendan who will cover all the costs of the project.

I understand why Belle Property Dee Why is the number one residential office in the Group. It was Brendan’s vision to have this facility. An investment which will benefit both the Club and all the community. An investment that will continue to return benefits to everyone for the next 20 years.

Brendan is also financing a major club event Rackets at the Reef on Sat 17th Sept. It will be an amazing day of tennis, entertainment and food. So please invite your family and friends.

I would like to thank Brendan for your support and generous donation. Your commitment to helping our Club is sincerely appreciated.

Before I ask you to turn on the Lights powered by our Solar Panels. Please accept 2 awards, one for your continuous support of the Club. The second a plaque to commemorate this day.

Solar @Collaroy TC

Few more acknowledgements. These projects take up a lot of management time from the Committee members. Gareth Grant who not only successfuly manage the installation of our Lights but also the Solar. I would also like to thank Lynne for organising the day, Colin for manning the BBQ and Kate for helping serving the food.

Solar @Collaroy TC - BBQ

Let’s now press the button and enjoy the BBQ. Thank you very much.”

Solar Power on @Collaroy 2
Solar @Collaroy TC - members
Solar @Collaroy TC - members

By Vito Cincinnato, President

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