AO Pride Night at Collaroy Tennis Club

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Collaroy Tennis Club Pride Night

One of the things Collaroy Tennis Club is most proud of is that we’re an inclusive club that welcomes diversity. It’s part of our DNA. We realise that everyone’s unique and that our differences contribute to our Club’s culture and future direction.

So when we were asked by Tennis Australia to run an event at our club in association with AO Pride Day on January 27, we gladly accepted the opportunity. We believe this will be the first Pride event ever held by a tennis club on the Northern Beaches.

Note: In conjunction with Northern Beaches Council, we’ll be running a second event in March as part of Sydney WorldPride 2023 – the biggest international event in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics! You’ll notice we have a Pride version of our club logo to proudly use in the lead up to these events.


AO Pride Night at Collaroy Tennis Club

We’d love you to show your support by coming along and playing in a friendly Twilight American Round Robin Doubles Tourney we’re holding on Friday, 27 January from 5-8pm.

  • FREE ORGANISED TENNIS: American Doubles Tourney from 5-8pm
    Players change partners after every set in a round robin format
    Looking for up to 40 players
    Prizes will be presented
  • FREE BBQ & NIBBLES from 8pm
  • DRINKS available for purchase
  • WATCH AUSTRALIAN OPEN SEMI-FINALS ON TV in the clubhouse after 8pm
  • EVENT PARTNER: our local neighbour, GAYCARE Australia

Please register your interest by Saturday, 21 January so we can organise the Round Robin draw and catering. Thank you.

Open for All

Thanks for your interest. Entries are now closed for the Round Robin tourney.


Your Club believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be involved in sport and that it’s important that sporting bodies, from local clubs like ours through to national sporting organisations, reflect the diversity in the communities of which they are a part.

  • Yet only 6% of LGBTI+ youth are involved in a team sport*. The reason is that they feel their gender identity is a barrier to acceptance and genuinely fear being seen as ‘not normal’.
  • For this reason, 87% of young gay men and 75% of young gay women remain ‘in the closet’ while playing sport**.
  • The effects of this kind of exclusion can be profound, contributing to the disproportionately high rates of mental health issues and suicide among LGBTQIA+ people^.

* Denison Et Al, Out on the Fields (2010)
** Pantene Australia (2021)
^ PrideCup

Our aim is to provide a powerful message of acceptance and thus reduce these feelings of isolation and bring LGBTQIA+ people back into sport by creating a safer and more inclusive environment.

Sport helps to create lasting positive change in communities and has the power to unite people across all boundaries. Sports are for everyone to enjoy and sporting clubs like ours should be places where all people feel safe and accepted.


We’re hoping these events will grow our Club’s reputation in this regard and we’re asking for your help to make Collaroy Tennis Club a beacon of acceptance and diversity on the Northern Beaches and beyond – a place where every person is treated with respect and dignity and protected from discrimination.

Please come along and join in our celebration of inclusion. Help us show the world that at our tennis club, Love Wins.

We look forward to seeing you at AO Pride Night.