Collaroy celebrates the last Grand Slam of 2023 in style

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The US Open was the last Grand Slam of the year and we celebrated accordingly at Collaroy Tennis Club.

With Ros temporarily out of action and Lynne re-enactng ‘Priscilla Queen of The Desert’ in faraway Broken Hill, it fell to Kate and a new team of volunteers to run our US Open Day on Saturday September 9… and the newbies well and truly lived up to the high standards set by their predecessors.

The Stars and Stripes of the American flag flew proudly from court fences while club members paraded through the gate wearing their best star spangled red, white and blue. Courts were allocated and matches drawn, with doubles partners swapping after 4 games. A record of individual scores was kept throughout the afternoon, to determine male and female prizewinners (with equal prizes awarded to both – thanks Billie Jean!).

After some fun tennis on all 6 courts, it was time to party. Col and Glenn took to the BBQ and prepared a feast of snags and (of course) Col’s signature pineapple rings. Serving plates were piled high with cinnamon doughnuts and hot dogs were served in the clubhouse, naturally complete with ketchup and American Mustard.  And then there was Kenny’s famous home-made New York-style pizza. Delicious!

Newly appointed Club ‘Mixologists’ Anna C. (aka ‘Anna 2’) and Michela worked the bar, shaking things up big time by preparing and serving free of charge, authentic, freshly made Lime and Passionfruit Caipirinha Cocktails and Frozen Strawberry Margaritas… an absolute treat after a hard day on court, leaving us all wondering what those at Flushing Meadows were being forced to endure.

All the ladies looked resplendent in colours that would have brought a smile to the face of Uncle Sam, with special mention to Claire, Val, Anita, Carmen, Jackie, Justine, Sharon and Simone. Club Captain Wil did wear red, white and blue, albeit a jacket commemorating Filipino boxing great, Manny Pacquiao. (Well, the Philippines is the USA’s oldest ally in our region, so Wil received a pass.) And it was noted that Warren stayed away from this one altogether, obviously to give others a chance at the best dressed prize. (What a guy!)

Finally it was time to award the prizes, and the winners were… Eri taking out the Ladies Prize for most games won and Tony N. the Men’s. Best dressed were awarded to Anna 2 in full Stars and Stripes regalia and Garry, looking a treat in his Nike US Open shirt. He received his prize to chants of “USA… USA… USA”. (See… it’s not always about bright fluro colours Garry!) All in all, another fabulous, fun afternoon at Ol’ Collaroy. Our next social gathering is a well-kept secret, but rumour has it that some new stars will be born that evening. Stay tuned.